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The end of the year is fast approaching and in January, I will
be deleting all freebies for the year 2014. Since I only offer freebies, I don't want to pay for any more storage than I have to. Soooo, grab em up while you can! Hugs, DeLoris

Tuesday, November 15

Brownie Tree

Download HERE
I was playing around and made a brownie tree.  It will make a nice accent for all your Christmas Layouts.  It is 1300x2400 pixels and is for your unlimited use.
I hope you enjoy using it and I would love to see how you use it.

Saturday, October 29

Trick Or Treat Bottle Caps

Download Link At Bottom Of Post

Snickerdoodle Designs By Karen has made the cutest kit for Halloween simply called Trick Or Treat!
This is a darling kit full of the sweetest elements and matching papers for the holiday!
She has a page kit, 2 sets of clusters, masks, glitters, journal cards and for a real value a complete collection for sale.

I made a set of bottle caps to compliment her collection for your personal use!  I wanted to make you a freebie and to show off Karen's amazing talent in creating a collection for "children of all ages"!  I even used it on one of my cats Tux!  You can check it out in my Layout Page.
I hope you enjoy the bottle caps and grab up any and/or all of Karen's collection.
Download HERE
Happy Haunting & Hugs,

Sunday, October 16

Pink Gerbera Daisies

Download HERE

I planted some Gerbera Daisies where our dog Petey is buried.  They have looked sooo pretty this summer and I thought I would take some pictures of them and extract them for you.  I love these daisies; they are one of my favorite flowers.
They are for your unlimited use and I hope you enjoy them.
I am not an expert at "tubing" and I sure would appreciate your feedback on them.
God Bless You and as always, Hugs,

Wednesday, October 12

Painted Pumpkin

Download HERE

Here's a Hallowen Pumpkin with a painted effect for you to play with.  It comes from a script called Pumpkin Witch Script by Katelynns Designs.  I think this script makes the cutest result.  I decided to give it a painted effect and a slight edge to make it look unique!  It is for your personnel and commercial use.
Please check out Katelynns Designs blog to see where to purchase this darling script.
I hope you enjoy this little pumpkin!

Tuesday, October 4

Halloween Spiders

Download HERE
Here's a whimsical set of Halloween Spiders for your personal use.
I used the Bitsy The Spider Script from Katelynns Designs.  Please check out her blog and see where to purchase this adorable script!
I hope you have lots of fun playing with them!

Friday, July 29

Summertime Fun Alpha Set

Download HERE

Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs just put her newest kit Strawberry Lemonade into her stores.  It is the cutest kit for Summer.  Looking at all her elements just makes you thirsty for Strawberry Lemonade!  It is full of whimsical and fun elements and I love the soft colors.
Please stop by her blog and see where you can purchase it.

I loved this kit sooo much, I made an alpha set to use and share with you.  The colors match her kit and will work for almost any summer kits you may already have.
I rotated the spotty pattern I made so each piece looks different and used 6 different colors for the letters/numbers.
Don't tell anyone, I included the patterned paper I made as a little "extra" for you.
This set is for your unlimited use and I hope you enjoy using it.

Please stay cool in this oppressive heat that has invaded most of the country.  My poor air conditioner is working overtime trying to keep my house cool!


Wednesday, July 6

Sailor Boy 12x12 QP

Download HERE

My dear friend & cyber-sissy Chris of Katelynn's Designs has just uploaded an adorable script of a sailor boy to her stores.  This little guy is perfect for anyone who has a loved one or friend in the Navy and will also be a cute addition to any patriotic scrap pages you make.
I made a QP for you with her script and the American Pride Page Kit by The Urban Fairy.
This QP is for your personal use only.  Please check out both links to find out how to purchase the script and the page kit!
I hope you have fun making different color combinations with this script.  I've had a blast playing with it!

Wednesday, June 29

Paper Painted Butterflies

Download HERE
Here are 12 paper painted butterflies for you to play with.  Different patterns, textures and colors.
I started making one, and just kept going.  :)
Spice them up and add glitters, jewels or anything else you have or use them by themselves.
They are for your unlimited use and I hope you have fun with them!

Wednesday, June 22

Arrowed Trim

Download HERE
I've seen the arrowed trim in kits more and more and I think they make a nice addition to a layout.
Sooo, I made a set for you and there is a template too.
They are for your unlimited use and I hope you make some awesome layouts with them!

Wednesday, June 1

Scalloped Paper & Frame Templates

Download HERE

Well, finally I made something for you!
I have been very lazy and have neglected my blog and providing you with freebies!  I'm soooo sorry!
Here is a set of templates for your unlimited use.  This set includes a paper and frame template.
I love using the scalloped papers in my digital scrapbooking.  I hope you do too!
Have fun playing with the templates!

Thursday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day Banner

Download HERE

Here's  a St. Patrick's Day banner for your personal & commercial use.
I wanted to make you something for this "lucky green" day and thought a banner would be nice.
I hope you have a wonderful day and don't get pinched!

Monday, March 14


Download HERE
Hot off the presses is a huge assortment of buttons for your personal & commercial use.
I had sooo much fun making them, I couldn't stop!  LOL
Hopefully, there are some in this set you can use for your scrapbooking needs!
I hope you have fun playing with all the different ones I have included in this set!


Download HERE
This is a set of fasteners for your personal & commercial use.
There are brads, screws, washers, etc.
Feel free to give them a metallic color (bronze, gold) or think spring and make them pastels!
I have included 2 picture tubes; 1 plain and 1 with a slight drop shadow.  There is also a tutorial if you do not know how to add picture tubes to your files.
A scatter is included just for fun!
Enjoy & hugs,

Tuesday, March 8

Easter Egg Alpha

Download HERE
Here's an alpha set I made for you for your Easter layouts.
They are 375x554 in size and is for your unlimited use.,
There is a blank included, so you can add whatever you like.
I think this little set came out real cute and I hope you agree!
Enjoy & Hugs,

Sunday, March 6

Painted Wood Frames For Spring

Download HERE
I've been a busy gal this weekend and taking the chance to play in PSP when my grandson wasn't on my computer!
Here is a set of 10 wooden frames painted for Spring.  There are 5 rectangle and 5 square frames in the same colors.
They are for your unlimited use!
Enjoy & Hugs,

Springtime Alphas

Download HERE
Here are 4 sets of alphas with capitol letters and numbers in colors for Spring.
They are for personal & commercial use.
The top 2 in the preview are opaque and the bottom 2 are translucent.  This should give you a nice mix and match for your layout needs.
Each alpha set is layered in 1 file.  They come in psp & psd formats.
I hope you find them fun to use!!

Saturday, March 5

Simply Frame Mask & 12x12 QP

Download HERE
I love playing in Paint Shop Pro and by accident come up with something I can give away on my blog!
This is how I ended up making this mask!
It is for your unlimited use.
I wanted to make a QP to show how I used the mask and decided to give you the QP too. Of course I used my adorable grandson Danny's picture of him in his new cowboy hat!
The QP is 12x12 and is for your personal use only.
I made the QP with Shabby Miss Jenns Little Buckaroo Page Kit.  I love this kit for Danny's pictures.
This was a fun project to stumble on and I hope you enjoy using the mask.

Friday, March 4

Springtime Frames

Download HERE
I watch my grandson Danny on the weekends and he will be here after school, soooooo, I made you a set of 16 frames for your unlimited use before he gets here and takes over my computer!  LOL
All the frames come in the 4 colors you see in the preview.
Feel free to recolor as needed.
This should give you a good start to your Spring layouts!
Enjoy the weekend and I'll be hoping for Spring to get here ASAP!

Dusty Metal Frames

Download HERE

Ok all, I am listening.  You are asking for frames and here ya go!
I made these metal frames with a dusting effect.  They are gray and you can use them as is, color them or throw an overlay on top.
They are for your personal use and commercial use as well.
Below is one I used to decorate for your personal use only.  It does not show in the pic, but it has a slight tint to it to match the elements.

Download HERE

Keep checking the freebies you would like to see, and I will do my best to make them!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 3

My Little Chickadee Desktop Wallpaper

Download HERE
I have made 2 desktop wallpapers for your personal use.  One is 1280 x 800 and the other is 1920x800.
I used the adorable My Little Chickadee Page Kit by Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs.
I love this kit!  I recently was very sick and in the hospital for 4 days.  When I got home and saw my mail, it put a smile on my face and I immediately felt better!
The little critters are just the cutest!  I made the button with the chicken (Chickadee) in it.  It is not part of the kit.  Between the balloons, flowers, ribbons and critters, you will find plenty to choose from.
Please visit her site and see where to purchase this amazing kit!

I also used her newest page kit to decorate my blog!  This will give you another chance to see a lot more of her My Little Chickadee Page Kit.

If most of you have newer versions of Windows, you do not have a regular start menu.  I use Classic Shell Start Menu for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.  It is free!  That gives me a look like my old Windows XP that I loved sooo much.  I can't do without making desktop wallpapers for my computer!
This month stars our Pomeranian Petey!  He is such a joy to have with us!  He is my running errands buddy and goes with me everywhere!
I hope you enjoy the desktop and please stop by Karen's site and check out where to purchase this adorable kit (leaving her a comment would be fantastic)!

Tuesday, February 23

Spring 2016 Frames

Download HERE
Just playing around with shapes and photoshop styles, I made a set of 20 frames in various shapes and colors.  They're for your personal & commercial use only.  They will come in handy for making your layouts and you have many to choose from.  They are  in scrapbooking sizes but can be reduced down if you want them for tags.
The most fun I have in PSP is just playing around with nothing particular in mind.
I hope you enjoy playing with the frames and if there is any element you would like to see, just let me know and I will do my best to make them for you.
We had a couple of days in the high 50's and now I'm ready for Spring and the end to the cold!
Also, excuse my blog being so plain.  It is under construction!
Have a great day,

Saturday, February 6

My Heart Lives Here Desktop Wallpaper

Download HERE
Karen, of Snickerdoodles Designs has made the most adorable kit for Valentines Day.  Yet, it is sooo much more.  The title My Heart Lives Here is good for all year long.
Where does your heart live?
My heart lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I have never lived there.
What is your passion?  Family, places, or events?  This kit can help you capture what ever it is!
I made a desktop for your personal use using this kit.  There are 2 different sizes in the zip file.  One is 1280x800 and the other is 1920x800.
Please visit her store and check out the kit and/or collection.  I know you will have as much fun playing with this kit as I do!
Hugs to you all,

Saturday, January 23

Valentines Day Alpha Set

Download HERE

Here's a little valentines alpha set I made for your personal use.
All tiles are white with 5 different shades of pink.
This set should make a cute addition to any of your layouts.
Have fun with them!

Wednesday, January 13

Valentine Heart Template

Download HERE

I made this Valentine Heart Template for you to use in your Valentine Projects.  This template may be colored or a pattern applied.   This will save you some time creating your layouts.
The heart is 770x700 and is a png file.  It is for your unlimited use, so have fun being creative!

Tuesday, December 22

Winter Word Art

Download HERE
I've had a lot of computer troubles.  My drive died and I had to order another one.  But, I am up and running and all is good!  Whew!
I wanted to make you one more thing before Christmas.  I love this word art!  One has frayed edges and one is plain.
I hope you can find some fun use for these.
We are expecting warm weather for Christmas, so, no white Christmas for us.  I hope you have snow where you are.
I'm all ready for Christmas except the cooking that starts tomorrow.  Christmas Eve is our big day.
This is the 1st year my grandson does not believe in Santa, but he will visit just the same.  You are never to old for Santa - right?
I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas or what ever celebration you observe.
Peace & Love to you all!

Note:  All freebies from 2014 will be deleted in January, so grab up all you can!

Thursday, December 3

Mitten Hanging Border

Download HERE

I made a border for you with mittens hanging on a line.
It is 3600 pixels wide and is for your unlimited use.
Winter is not officially here yet, but our temperatures have been in the 20's at night.  Brrrrrrr!
So, drag your mittens out and keep your hands toasty warm!

Wednesday, December 2

Christmas Plaids

Download HERE
I love making plaids!  I wanted to make a set for Christmas using the muted colors I am seeing in a lot of kits this year.  I get carried away when I make them, so, you have a set of 20 patterns to play with!  :)  I tried to make the preview "pretty", but there were just to many patterns to deal with!
The plaids are seamless and 600x600 pixels.  They are also for your unlimited use.
Wouldn't they make darling stockings?
Note:  In Jan., 2016, I will be deleting all of the 2014 freebies on my blog.  Please grab them up while you can and tell your friends too!
Have a great day!

Christmas Font Beads

Download HERE

Hot of the presses is a set of Christmas Font Beads.  They are all lower case and there is a set in green and red for you to mix and match.
I hope you enjoy them, they were fun to make!

Sunday, November 29

Mini Christmas Ornaments

Download HERE
I was playing in PSP this am and made you some mini Christmas Ornaments.  They are smaller than 1000x1000 pixels and are for unlimited use.  I think they would make cute embellishments to your Christmas Layouts.
Christmas is my favorite holiday and I can't wait to get my tree up and decorated!
I hope you enjoy the goodies.
* Every January, I delete old files.  So, in 2016, I will be deleting everything I had posted in 2014.  Please grab up all you can before they are gone and, please, tell your friends too!

Tuesday, October 27

Halloween Plaid Patterns

Download HERE
Here are 12 plaid patterns for you to use in your Halloween layouts.  They are 800x800 pixels and are seamless.  I would love to see what you do with them.
Trick or Treat is on Thursday here.  Our city does not like to have it on the weekends due to all the traffic.  I can't wait to get pictures of my grandson.  He will be the Grim Reaper this year!
These patterns would make cute bows for his layouts, since they are not "frilly" and he is 8!
Have fun, eat lots of candy & keep the little ones safe!