I created a new blog called Dels Scrapbooking Emporium. Trouble is, the search engines could not pick it up. I have had sooo many issues with blogger and that I don't know code doesn't help. What use to work from the various blog articles I read, no longer does. All the backgrounds I created, do not work. I used the Simple template for my new blog, but no one ever saw it unless I sent an email. So, I am back at my old blog, but with the new name. The address will stay the same.

Thursday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day Banner

Download HERE

Here's  a St. Patrick's Day banner for your personal & commercial use.
I wanted to make you something for this "lucky green" day and thought a banner would be nice.
I hope you have a wonderful day and don't get pinched!

Monday, March 14


Download HERE
Hot off the presses is a huge assortment of buttons for your personal & commercial use.
I had sooo much fun making them, I couldn't stop!  LOL
Hopefully, there are some in this set you can use for your scrapbooking needs!
I hope you have fun playing with all the different ones I have included in this set!


Download HERE
This is a set of fasteners for your personal & commercial use.
There are brads, screws, washers, etc.
Feel free to give them a metallic color (bronze, gold) or think spring and make them pastels!
I have included 2 picture tubes; 1 plain and 1 with a slight drop shadow.  There is also a tutorial if you do not know how to add picture tubes to your files.
A scatter is included just for fun!
Enjoy & hugs,

Tuesday, March 8

Easter Egg Alpha

Download HERE
Here's an alpha set I made for you for your Easter layouts.
They are 375x554 in size and is for your unlimited use.,
There is a blank included, so you can add whatever you like.
I think this little set came out real cute and I hope you agree!
Enjoy & Hugs,

Sunday, March 6

Painted Wood Frames For Spring

Download HERE
I've been a busy gal this weekend and taking the chance to play in PSP when my grandson wasn't on my computer!
Here is a set of 10 wooden frames painted for Spring.  There are 5 rectangle and 5 square frames in the same colors.
They are for your unlimited use!
Enjoy & Hugs,

Springtime Alphas

Download HERE
Here are 4 sets of alphas with capitol letters and numbers in colors for Spring.
They are for personal & commercial use.
The top 2 in the preview are opaque and the bottom 2 are translucent.  This should give you a nice mix and match for your layout needs.
Each alpha set is layered in 1 file.  They come in psp & psd formats.
I hope you find them fun to use!!

Saturday, March 5

Simply Frame Mask & 12x12 QP

Download HERE
I love playing in Paint Shop Pro and by accident come up with something I can give away on my blog!
This is how I ended up making this mask!
It is for your unlimited use.
I wanted to make a QP to show how I used the mask and decided to give you the QP too. Of course I used my adorable grandson Danny's picture of him in his new cowboy hat!
The QP is 12x12 and is for your personal use only.
I made the QP with Shabby Miss Jenns Little Buckaroo Page Kit.  I love this kit for Danny's pictures.
This was a fun project to stumble on and I hope you enjoy using the mask.

Friday, March 4

Springtime Frames

Download HERE
I watch my grandson Danny on the weekends and he will be here after school, soooooo, I made you a set of 16 frames for your unlimited use before he gets here and takes over my computer!  LOL
All the frames come in the 4 colors you see in the preview.
Feel free to recolor as needed.
This should give you a good start to your Spring layouts!
Enjoy the weekend and I'll be hoping for Spring to get here ASAP!

Dusty Metal Frames

Download HERE

Ok all, I am listening.  You are asking for frames and here ya go!
I made these metal frames with a dusting effect.  They are gray and you can use them as is, color them or throw an overlay on top.
They are for your personal use and commercial use as well.
Below is one I used to decorate for your personal use only.  It does not show in the pic, but it has a slight tint to it to match the elements.

Download HERE

Keep checking the freebies you would like to see, and I will do my best to make them!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 3

My Little Chickadee Desktop Wallpaper

Download HERE
I have made 2 desktop wallpapers for your personal use.  One is 1280 x 800 and the other is 1920x800.
I used the adorable My Little Chickadee Page Kit by Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs.
I love this kit!  I recently was very sick and in the hospital for 4 days.  When I got home and saw my mail, it put a smile on my face and I immediately felt better!
The little critters are just the cutest!  I made the button with the chicken (Chickadee) in it.  It is not part of the kit.  Between the balloons, flowers, ribbons and critters, you will find plenty to choose from.
Please visit her site and see where to purchase this amazing kit!

I also used her newest page kit to decorate my blog!  This will give you another chance to see a lot more of her My Little Chickadee Page Kit.

If most of you have newer versions of Windows, you do not have a regular start menu.  I use Classic Shell Start Menu for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.  It is free!  That gives me a look like my old Windows XP that I loved sooo much.  I can't do without making desktop wallpapers for my computer!
This month stars our Pomeranian Petey!  He is such a joy to have with us!  He is my running errands buddy and goes with me everywhere!
I hope you enjoy the desktop and please stop by Karen's site and check out where to purchase this adorable kit (leaving her a comment would be fantastic)!