Saturday, March 5

Simply Frame Mask & 12x12 QP

Download HERE
I love playing in Paint Shop Pro and by accident come up with something I can give away on my blog!
This is how I ended up making this mask!
It is for your unlimited use.
I wanted to make a QP to show how I used the mask and decided to give you the QP too. Of course I used my adorable grandson Danny's picture of him in his new cowboy hat!
The QP is 12x12 and is for your personal use only.
I made the QP with Shabby Miss Jenns Little Buckaroo Page Kit.  I love this kit for Danny's pictures.
This was a fun project to stumble on and I hope you enjoy using the mask.

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  1. Many thanks :) Some of my better creations come by sheer fluke while playing around with effects in PSP Trouble is - I can never trace back how I reached the end result.