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Wednesday, June 7

Backyard Party Flip Flops

Download HERE

Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs has created the cutest summertime kick called Backyard Party for your "backyard" parties.
It is imaginative and colorful.  There are sooo many elements in this kit, that you can use it for most of your family get-togethers.
Now is the time for all good scrappers to come to the aid of their families/friends and document those awesome moments and this collection will help you!
I have made 3 pair of flip flops to compliment Karen's collection.
This collection is available in all Karen's store now.  You can get the list of stores on her blog HERE.
Here are her previews so you can see for yourself how cute this collection is:

I hope you purchase this awesome collection; your parties won't be sorry!  :)
Enjoy the flip flops & while you're here, look a the other posts below and grab up those freebies as well

Friday, June 2

Backyard Party QP

Download HERE
I made this QP for you using Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs Backyard Party Collection.  I loved making this QP and when I added the flip flop saying, I went on a flip flop search.  I found an action by Polkadot Designs.
Karens's collection is just soooo cute and colorful.  It is full of whimsy with lots of elements that are perfect to show off all your summertime events!
This collection is currently on sale at The Digi Chick as part of their Hatchery Collection.  This collection won't last too much longer before it hits Karen's other stores, so grab em up while you can save some $$$.
The Previews of her are shown below.

I hope you take advantage of the savings on this amazing kit and enjoy the QP.

Thursday, June 1

Backyard Party License Plates

Download HERE

I thought the license plates would be a cute addition to Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs newest collection Backyard Party.  I made them with Cassel Creations Script.
Karen's kit it perfect for family get to gathers, whether in the backyard or not with all the many colorful and unique elements.  From a section of chicken wire to an old car, this kit has it all.
This kit with be at the Digi Chick starting today (June 1st) and will be part of their
Hatchery Collection. 
Below are the previews of her kit so you can get ready to jump over to the Digi Chick and scoop em' up and save you some $$$ before it hits her other stores.

Have fun snagging up this collection and I hope you enjoy the license plates.

Wednesday, May 31

Backyard Party Cluster 01

Download HERE

This is a cluster I made using Karen of Snickerdoodle Design's wonderful Backyard Party Collection.
This is the cutest kit for all you summertime (or any season) get-togethers.
It's packed full of flowers, balloons and an array of elements for a great backyard party.
It even has an old car which I think is just a perfect touch!
This kit with be at the Digi Chick starting June 1st and will be part of their Hatchery Collection. 
Below are the previews of her kit so you can get ready to jump over to the Digi Chick and scoop em' up and save you some $$$ before it hits her other stores.

See what I'm tellin' ya?  Isn't it just adorable!
I hope you grab her collection up and enjoy the freebie.

Tuesday, May 30

Backyard Party Splatter

Download HERE

Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs has created a new kit called Backyard Party.   This kit with be at the Digi Chick starting June 1st and will be part of their Hatchery Collection.
This kit is just perfect for your summertime family gatherings.  Do you barbecue or play croquet?
This kit with hook you up.  It's full of color and fun, just what a family cookout should be.
The young ones should enjoy the plastic cups!  Reminds me of the Toby Keith song Red Solo Cup!
It has marbles, Chinese lanterns and floppy hats.  This adorable kit is a party in it'self!
I'm new to making splatters and I wanted to try my hand at it.  You can be my judges, did I do good?
I'll have to make more - you practice till you get it right - right!  :)
Below are the previews to Karen's part of the kit.

Look at this word art!  How cute!  They are perfect to accent your pages.
All these different modules will be available to purchase on June 1st, so, snag them up while you can save some big $$$.

Wednesday, April 26

Picture Perfect QP-01

Download HERE

I made this QP for you to highlight Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs new collections of Blendables.  Some people know them as stamps.
As in this QP the words are a stamp used as is.
The splotchy designs on the left side are blendables.  The camera one is from her amazing kit Picture Perfect.  The others are from her Blendable collection.
I used her new Stratified Styles on these.
I love the color and texture the styles gives them.
Below are the previews for her newest Blendables.
I also used her newest kit Picture Perfect to make the QP.  There is a preview of the clooection below as well.

I hope you stop by her blog and see where you can purchase the Blendables and Picture Perfect.
Enjoy the QP.

Tuesday, April 25

Stratified Alpha Set

Download HERE

Here's an alpha set made from Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs collection of Stratified Styles & Overlays.  This set is made up off upper case, lower case and numbers and symbols.  It is for your personal use.
What is stratified? It is to form, arrange, or deposit in layers.  Her styles and papers look like rock with different colored mineral deposits layered in.  Hence; Stratified!
I love the way the different colors blend into each other.
Listed below are her previews:

Look at all those amazing colors!  They will work for anytime of year.  You can do word art with them.  Use them on elements and make papers.  Let your imagination soar with these.
The whole collection is much cheaper than buying each set separately.
Actions are for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  Overlays are for PSP, Photoshop & Photoshop Elements.
Her blog shows you how to use the stratified styles and overlays on digital stamps.  
I hope you check out her blog and see where to purchase them.
Enjoy the Alpha Set,