Thursday, January 5

Celebrate Life Alphas

Download Link Alphas HERE

Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life!  What an awesome name for a kit celebrating New Years.  After all, isn't that what we are doing?  Ringing out the old; ringing in the new?  Life is a celebration and it is especially meaningful that we celebrate it this time of year!  Last year has passed and a new year is beginning.
This kit is a perfect compliment to our hopes and dreams for the new year.  It is full of glitz and sparkle like a shiny new penny.  Between champagne, a clock, sparkles and balloons, it is all decked out to capture your New Years moments!
You can purchase the kit, or any of the extras or the whole collection at the following stores:
You can also find additional information on Karen's Blog - HERE
As they are new to the stores, you can grab them up at substantial savings!

I made 2 alpha kits to match this kit.  One in gold and the other in silver.  It has upper and lower case letters and symbols as well.  It is for your personal use only.
I thought this would made a nice compliment to this awesome kit!
Comeback tomorrow for another freebie!
Happy New Years everyone!


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