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Monday, January 9

Celebrate Life Cluster Frame

Download HERE

Today is my final day for freebies to show off Snickerdoodle Designs By Karen's amazing kit/collection Celebrate Life!
I've left the best for last!  This is all her elements from the collection to help show you just how truly amazing it is!
Never forget Celebrate Life whenever the opportunity arises!  This is the main reason for the collection.  Not to just celebrate New Years, but to celebrate all year long!
I hope you have enjoyed collecting my freebies and seeing just how beautiful Karen's collection is.
Below are the previews and the links to the stores and her blog.
Visit her blog and sign up for her weekly newsletter.  One of the best parts of my Saturday is reading her newsletter.  She could be an amazing author just as she is a digital designer!
She often has tutorials on how to be a better photographer and photoshop/elements user as well.
A great read, freebies and tutorials.  When you are done here, go sign up!  :)

Celebrate Life

You can purchase the kit, or any of the extras or the whole collection at the following stores:
You can also find additional information on Karen's Blog - HERE
As they are new to the stores, you can grab them up at substantial savings!
Enjoy the freebies and have a fantastic week and never forget - Celebrate Life!
Happy New Years everyone!

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