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Friday, January 13

Winter Wonderland Doodles

Download Here

Snickerdoodle Designs By Karen has joined with the other designers of the Digital Scrapbooking Studio (The Studio) to make a coordinated collection called Winter Wonderland.
All individual packs are on sale for $1.00 until Jan. 27th and her whole collection for $8.00.  After that, Karen will be putting hers in her other stores as well. What a great way to pick the packs you love the best and make your own kit!
Karens packs are just lovely.  They reflect the crispness of a snowy winter day.  I love the masks she has included of snowflakes.  There are sooo many options to use them with to really let your creative juices flow!
I love snow!  I love the fresh smell!  Her packs make me want to go outside to play, but alas, we have no snow right now.  :(
I made some doodles to coordinate with her packs.  I hope you enjoy using them for your personal use.
Shown below are the previews that are available for purchase as well as the whole collection.  Now is the time to grab them up and save some $$$.
Please stop by The Studio and check them out!

If you have snow - go play; make snow cream.  Above all be safe and have fun and take pictures!

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