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Wednesday, April 12

Spirit Of Spring Tag Alpha Set

Download HERE
Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs has created Spirit Of Spring Collection.  It is sooo cute and has all the colors you see in the springtime.  For information on where to purchase the kit/collection/add-ons, please visit her blog.
I love the luscious greens we get to see after sooo much gray from the winter. 
This collection is full of color and frivolity.  Little stickers to highlight your layouts with lots of smiley faces and doodles.
It includes eggs, a basket, bunnies and chicks!
It is not just for Easter.  Think Spring with it's playfulness, this kit brings you back to your childhood and the joy of picking wildflowers and chasing butterflies.
In using this kit for your layouts you will find yourself becoming a kid again! 
I made this alpha set with the papers included in the collection.  Each letter/number is different since I added the color of the letters to match the tags.  It is for your personal use and I hope you enjoy playing with it.
You will love this kit!  Below are the previews for you to see for yourself, how simply charming this kit is!

Here are some close ups for you:

Doesn't this collection remind you of running through fields picking dandelions?
Mother Nature paints our world with such delicious colors.  It is to remind us that all things are reborn and new again.  It is time to shed off the dreariness of Winter and celebrate new life!
I hope you enjoy the freebie and the collection.

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